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Ready to lift in a few hours

You can easily transport the CXT Explorer together with another ISO shipping container. Place the containers on the ground, build the supporting steel structure on top of the containers and secure it with twistlocks. Add the crane and plug into a power grid or a generator. Now, you have an industrial overhead crane in just a few hours after arriving on-site. When you want to relocate the crane, just pack it back into its containers and move out.


You can easily transport the CXT Explorer for indoor or outdoor applications. It only takes a few hours to set up or dismantle the crane.


A stable and reliable crane that makes your lifting safer and more accurate, and lowers the risk of damage or collision


The CXT Explorer is sold and delivered as a predesigned package, so the delivery process is fast. All of the crane components arrive at your site in two standard ISO shipping containers.


Comprehensive service programs, spare parts and fast service response save you time and money. 

Mobile industrial capability

The strong and reliable CXT Explorer lifts up to 11,000 lbs (5 Metric tons). Its stable shipping container base and work area under its structure allows you to operate efficiently.


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