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Welcome to Konecranes Direct. Simply select the options provided to build your Overhead Crane within moments. Once you have registered your quotation request, you will receive an email confirming your selected specifications and requirements. A Konecranes representative will email you a quotation momentarily.

Step 1: Region

Select a country

United states


Select desired voltage

Select 460 volts
Select 575 volts


Select desired amount of tons

Select 3 ton
Select 5 ton
Select 7.5 ton
Select 10 ton


Two speed or variable speed control?

Two speed control
Variable control

Runway rail size

Select desired rail size

The Runway Rail is installed on top of the runway structural beams. Proper identification of the rail size Is necessary in order for the correct crane end trucks wheels size to be determined. A few simple measurements can quickly Identity what size rail you currently have.

thumb_railsize.png thumb_railsize_mm.png

Select 30 pound
Select 40 pound
Select 60 pound


Crane Span is measured from the line to centre line of the runway ASCE rail. Crane Span is measured from the line to center line of the runway ASCE rail.

Span in feet Span in metres

Up to a max of 52 feetUp to a max of 15.8 metres

Lift height

Lift height (definition): The distance between the upper and lower elevations of travel of the load block. It is usually the distance between the beam and the floor, minus the height of the hoist. Do not forget to include any slings or below the book devices that would influence this value.

lift height is 29'6"
lift height is 9 metres

Final step: Registration

Register and send your quote request to Konecranes


By submitting your request to Konecranes for an equipment quote, you acknowledge and agree that (i) any quote(s) of Konecranes are based solely on the information provided by you, and (ii) Konecranes has assumed, without independent verification, that the information provided by you is accurate and complete.  As such, Konecranes makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of its quote(s) and hereby disclaims any warranties, whether implied or express, or written or oral, regarding its quote(s).

By pressing complete registration and send quote request, you consent to receiving email(s) from Konecranes and/or its affiliates for the purpose of delivering your requested equipment quote.

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